Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Announcing the Ultimate Gore-a-thon

The horror blogging call of duty sounds once again, and this time it’s a multi-blog event dreamt up and organized by a longtime friend of this blog, Jonny Dead of Blood Sucking Geek (BSG), titled Ultimate Gore-a-thon: A Splatterific Extravaganza! I’m thrilled to include At the Mansion of Madness to this cause along with BSG and seven additional blogs also taking part. The event will take place over a two week period (February 10-23) and will include a series of posts covering the blood-and-guts tradition in horror. To check out the diverse range of what everyone is covering, and what I’ll be writing about, click Here. The other blogs that are participating in the Gore-a-thon are as follows: 

Be sure to stop by and visit everyone! 


  1. Am I the only person panicky about having my content ready in time for the Gore-A-Thon? The participants' various strengths have left me anxious about carving out a gory little niche of my own!

    I'm particularly looking forward to your coverage of the "Beyond" duo as well as your Argento piece. If only I had a nickel for each of the "straights" I've exposed to Suspiria for the first time . . .

    1. I think I’ve come down with the flu, and so I’m having a hard time focusing and therefore haven’t even started yet. I would love to finish it all beforehand and be able to queue up all my articles to post on their own and just sit back and let my blog run itself during the gore-a-thon, but I doubt I’ll get everything done in time. It doesn’t help that I’m a real slow writer too.

      Thanks, Brandon! I’ll try to do my best. I’m looking forward to your coverage on Pieces!

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