Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Join Us

For those that don’t already know, there will be a BLOGGER ZOMBIE WALK event on September 30th that is being run by the intriguing Autumnforest, author of a really fun blog called GHOST HUNTING THEORIES.  I’m looking forward to including AT THE MANSION OF MADNESS in this zombie-loving event and encourage others to consider checking it out.  There are 50 participants so far, but 'the more the merrier', so click on the link--> HERE to be redirected to GHOST HUNTING THEORIES to learn all of the details.  You know you want to….


  1. I'm thrilled about the event--this year has blown away last year's maiden voyage of the blogger virtual zombie walk. I'm sure your blog will be one of the most awesome stops!

  2. I’m thrilled too and happy that it is turning out really well so far. Thanks for giving us bloggers the opportunity to participate in this event. I’m looking forward to meeting other zombie-lovers.